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Q·Customer Lucky Lounge

My Benefits

Check your QuuBe information and receive various benefits.

Qpoint is valid for 6 months. Share Reward is a sharing reward this month. (Including estimated reward) About Benefits

About Benefits

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  • Qpoint

    - Points available for product payments.
    - How to get : writing a review, daily attendance card, cashback event

  • MameQ

    - Token issued by our site that can be exchanged for Qpoint/Q*coin - How to get: Roulette, MameGo, App Push

  • BrandMon

    - Token issued by sellers that can be exchanged for Q*coin
    - How to get : Shopping Tweets, MameGo

  • Admon

    - Advertising token exchangeable for Q*coin
    - How to get: external sharing of Shopping Tweets

  • Mameball

    - Material token for MameGo to catch BrandMon/MameQ
    - How to get : Mameball Event, exchanging with MameQ

  • Q*coin

    - Can be used like a credit card for payment
    - How to get : Roulette·Q, exchanging with other tokens

Exchange Admon/MameQ

Exchange your MameQ, BrandMon, and AdMon. This event is available to change/end without notice according to Qoo10 policy.(quube.net account is required)

Deals For Resellers

Get items only for Reseller!

Reward Notice

You can receive Q*Coin when confirm delivery and write your own review.

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