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WisBean is Social Shopping Platform.
Users can communicate in real time and share various product information and shopping know-how.

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Talk with many people through Live Cast
and enjoy various events.

Live Cast is a social media service that interact with people in real time.
You can enjoy a lot of shopping-related contents
such as product reviews, shopping tips, home shopping.

Start broadcasting easily and simply
with your contents.

Make your own diverse contents and start broadcasting using Live Cast.
It's very easy to set up a broadcast, so anyone with a cell phone can turn on live video
or create a scheduled broadcast.
You can also connect to YouTube and Facebook for simultaneous broadcasting.

There are a variety of events in Live Cast.

Set up various events during the broadcast to share your enjoyment with your audience.
First, there is an event for the number of views.
When the number of viewers reaches its goal,
it presents viewers the MameQ that they can use to shop on the WisBean app.
Second, there is an event to give items and coupons to participants at random.
Lastly, there is a quiz event to present the prize to the winner
who has survived to the last question after giving the quiz to the viewers.

Let's shop while watching live video.

WisBean supports PIP mode for watching videos
while shopping or talking with friends.
Put the video where you want and enjoy various activities.

Make your own Mini Shop.

Make your own special Mini Shop in the WisBean app.
You can do a lot of activities through the various tap menus provided by Mini Shop.
In addition, depending on what activity you are going to be doing in the store,
you can set up the templates you need.
There is an introduction about four representative tap menus of Mini Shop below.


In Tweets, you can send a product or web page you want to recommend
to your fellow in a shopping tweet message.
Also, if you follow someone's Mini Shop, you can receive a tweet message
and a live cast broadcast notification from that booth.


You can share product reviews and shopping know-how to others in the shopping story.
If you set the right to write a post in your shopping story as a follower
or a buddy link, other friends can do it in your Mini Shop.

Open Bazaar

In Open Bazaar, you can recommend products to my store visitors,
and others can also register the products.
Your recommendation products will allow you to earn up to 2% commission
if the products are sold.

Shop Menu

Shop menu is an online menu board that enables order and payment by registering products and prices that are sold in actual offline stores. Create your own Mini Shop and register for the items you want to sell in the shop menu.

Pay easily and safely through Qpay.

Qpay is an easy payment service for the Mini Shop.
If you want to purchase an item from a Mini Shop, register Qpay.
After charging Qmoney, you can pay with Qpay QR code.

Let's get both fun and benefits in Live Fun.

Live Fun is an area where users can get various shopping benefits by fun.
There are typically MameGo and Roulette.
MameGo is a game of throwing a ball to catch Mammon, and you can receive three balls per day.
Roulette can be turned by a Q-Ticket that is received when you check the attendance.
Please refer to this for shopping.

Download the WisBean app now
and enjoy shopping and communities.

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